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Domicilliary Care

We improve personalised care for you and your family

Using PCL Health’s revolutionary care portal and companion application, domiciliary care providers can access video health services and conveniently deliver their ultimate best.

We can aid healthcare professionals across the entire health system by treating their high-risk patients with accelling remote access. Avoid emergency visits with our impressive CQC monitored data accuracy and health alerts alongside important reminders about the overall requirements for your clients.

We assist domiciliary care providers by helping them focus on every aspect of care. The collaboration with PCL can bring you proper care in the right place at the right time. In this pandemic, loneliness is especially acute, and we help to combat this by connecting families, friends, and caregivers all over the world in one place.

Having our different remote care options opens up many convenient solutions for your patients with PCL’s Help. The multiple helping features take care of everything that is creating a gap in providing the best overall quality of health, like connecting in video calls with loved ones, regular updates on health stats, recommended medication and immunisation lists, communicating with your personalised care team through secure messages, and scheduled appointments online will lead your patients to achieve their ultimate health goals.

Doctors will receive notifications regarding their patients’ risk reports and take action based on their alert priority.

With our data we can ensure the appropriate action is taken at the right time for each patient, therefore avoiding critical health conditions when it matters by providing a better way of working.

Get it all! Plus personalised alerts, reminders with in house communication: photos, chat, video calls, phone calls, health alerts, vitals sharing and much more with PCL Connect.

Care Homes

Caring has never been so easy with PCL Health’s guidance

We have developed an online triage system for care homes to ensure efficient and productive resident care.

Daily health updates will keep you informed of your residents’ progress in the fight for health and well-being. Symptom levels and vital sign trends are brought together on our platforms to enable the team to collectively decide on the right timing of treatment according to the patient’s condition, letting your team stay on top of what’s most important.

Care home residents that are high-risk require monitoring, management, and treatment by healthcare professionals at all times. We have created the perfect system that explores your residents vital data across all departments under one roof which is crucial in making informed and united decisions about your residents’ care.

With PCL Health’s Remote Patient Monitoring system, team members can come together daily to review their residents’ health data through PCL Health’s centralised clinical dashboard. A team can use vital sign trends and symptom data to make collective decisions about their residents, ensuring the most effective intervention is delivered when needed.

By increasing the CQC score, our primary focus is to bring family members closer to their loved ones. Less paperwork makes the data more authentic and manageable. Organised data eliminates human error in medical records, making PCL’s provided stats more accurate & useful. These are the major innovative points that stand out in the PCL Health competition.

Local Authorities

Help us Improve the quality of local Health

PCL Health’s innovative technology is working to scale existing projects around the world that uses technology, devices or apps to support patients and their loved ones in monitoring and managing their health or long term conditions. This will allow local authorities to deliver better and more personalised assistant to people in their own homes. PCL wishes to involve multiple local authorities, organisations, and people in order to develop new services and solutions in their area.

Our goal is to assist local authorities in improving the quality of care, redesigning care delivery for their beneficiaries, and better meeting the health needs of their local communities.

PCL will lead your organisation to improve the health of the authorities’ beneficiaries, maintain easy access to health care for staff, and focus on providing premium care at a low cost. This can be done through PCL Health remote patient monitoring (RPM).


Providing Cost Effective Solutions In Every Hospital

Using PCL remote monitoring, hospitals can keep their senior citizens healthy and take action early on if something goes wrong. Avoid extra hospitalisations by minimising their own in house plus ongoing patient expenses.

Easily accessible vital sign data will enable hospitals to make knowledgeable decisions regarding their residents’ care promptly and more efficiently.

As a quality provider of easy medication management solutions, hospitals and health systems can better serve patients by providing emergency response and earlier clinical interventions.

Using PCL’s remote monitoring, professionals can review vital health information in real-time, meet the needs of high-risk patients, and prevent hospitalisations saving time and money.

PCL empowers hospitals to keep senior citizens at home, which saves resources and beds. In addition to reducing costs, this can improve the efficiency of healthcare facilities by making sure those emergencies are addressed when they occur.

Our virtual ward can help care providers check their patients all in one place and assist them immediately if someone is flagged up with a health problem. We accomplish this through our sophisticated alert system, which is accessible to our doctors.
By maintaining the quality of easy setup and better health data management and storage standards, PCL successfully maintains itself to be NHS interoperable.

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Care Homes

Easily accessible care at home

Accomplish a lot more with a lot less effort! By connecting staff at care homes with PCL’s revolutionary technology we can ensure more valuable time is saved and authentic data is collected across the board.

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