PCL Connect

PCL Connect is an elderly-friendly tablet device that offers a wide range of services for older adults.

About PCL Connect

PCL Connect Tablet puts our seniors at the heart of our care platform. Through enlarged icons and enhanced visibility everyone can interact with their carers, family or doctors when needed.

Doctors will receive notifications regarding their patients’ risk reports and take action based on their alert priority.

With our data we can ensure the appropriate action is taken at the right time for each patient, therefore avoiding critical health conditions when it matters by providing a better way of working.

Get it all! Plus personalised alerts, reminders with in house communication: photos, chat, video calls, phone calls, health alerts, vitals sharing and much more with PCL Connect.

How does PCL Connect help with your care?

Our unique and fully customisable platform has everything needed to give you the highest levels of support and confidence.

Setting up PCL Connect couldn't be easier

We strive to make implementation of our products as seamless as it can get, and PCL Connect is no exception. In just a few simple and easy to follow steps, you can have PCL Connect fully set up and ready to go. It’s that simple.

Usability that's accessible to everyone

PCL Connect is designed to be highly accessible and user-friendly for the elderly population that it serves. Our customised tablet comes with enhanced visibility and easier navigation, making it a breeze for any patient to use. 

Connections are only one single click away

Our one-tap calling feature allows older adults to be within close reach of their care circle at all times. They can call the nurse or connected family members at any point with just one tap of the screen. Similarly, relatives can start audio/video calls with their loved ones with just a single click.

Benefits of PCL Connect

Decreased loneliness

Give all your stakeholders the tools and technology they need to minimise isolation and loneliness within care receivers. Our tablets and other connected care devices and programs allows relatives to be within close reach of their loved ones whenever needed.

More engaged users

Our specially designed tablet device has been fully customised for the elderly, with features including large buttons and easy-to-navigate screen layouts. This allows seniors to engage with the technology in a seamless manner with none of the typical barriers that they usually face.

Reduced Gap with Tech

Via the daily interaction that takes place between our devices and older adults, our wearables and other medical devices collect and share vital measurements on a daily basis. This allows for greater data accumulation that can then be used for professional health analytics.

Better 2-way communication

With PCL Tablet, you have a sophisticated 2-way connection that facilitates better and more engaging communication between all parties, meaning older adults can communicate instantaneously with all the nurses, carers and relatives within their care circle.

With PCL Connect, I am able to set up reminders for my mother, and see in real time whether or not she has completed all her daily routines. It allows us to have calls around more important matters rather than just simply relying on receiving reports on everything.


London, UK

Features of PCL Connect

Reminder Pop-Ups

Through the PCL platform, doctors, carers and family members can set up one-off or repeated reminders for their loved ones. Our tablet device displays pop-up reminders on the screen when the time is due, and indicates the response of the elderly regarding whether the task was completed or missed.

Direct voice / video call

Our app has in-built functionality that enables you to directly hold voice and videos calls with 2 or more parties in order to emhance communication and relay vital information quickly and seamlessly between the various parties involved in a elderly care.

Instant carer dialling

As well as providing the ability to call family members, PCL Connect also provides functinality that enables the patient to instantly dial their nurse in-shift whenever they need to. With PCL Connect, everyone has the ability to seamlessly communicate with whoever they need to, whenever they need to.

My Circle feature

Add and bring together each caregiver within the circle of care for a particular person, with each party having access to the vital measurements, metrics and other key data and information – all conveniently within one easy to use dashboard.

Weather, time and date functions

Sometimes it’s easy to lose track of the time. That’s why we’ve added a high-visibility button for date and time to our app, as well as weather data that allows our users to be constantly updated regarding key time and data information.

Collecting and sharing vitals

Our tablet apps are as well connected to our wearable and other medical devices as any other PCL app. PCL Tablet has been designed to collect and share vital measurements seamlessly with all authorised parties – so carers, clinicians and relatives all have the ability to remotely see important trends regarding the health of the elderly, and intervene accordingly.

Accreditations for this product

We put privacy and security at the heart of our platform. Our ecosystem is built around GDPR and Data Protection Act 2018 requirements. Everything is stored on our secured cloud servers located in the UK and no unauthorised party can access it from outside.

As an extra step towards data privacy, we successfully passed the requirements of Cyber Essentials and our platfom is now verified to treat used data in a responsible manner. We have committed to renew the license every year to keep our platform updated to latest data privacy requirements.

We protect and secure Protected Health Information (PHI) as prescribed by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. In other words we keep people’s healthcare data private. Any time a health data is shared with a clinician, doctor or family member, we make sure that there is a user consent and right authorisation in place.

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