Health Monitoring Devices

In order to provide top-quality health care, PCL Health offers older adults and caregivers the latest and seamlessly convenient technology medical devices set to change the health game.


About our Health Monitoring Devices

Choosing PCL Health to monitor your medical condition and related overall health conditions can be customised to fit your needs through many ways from our digital sensor watch that seamlessly collects and tracks your vitals to our connected car app portal.

As a result of our devices, we are revolutionising the delivery of healthcare through easy and accessible technology across the nation.

Our platform enables professionals to track and monitor patients’ vital signs using medical grade devices.

Monitoring healthcare through our sophisticated and efficient devices can improve the quality of life and even save lives like never before.

How do our Health Monitoring Devices help with your care?

Our unique and fully customisable platform has everything needed to give you the highest levels of support and confidence.

Medical Grade Devices that put you in charge

Our system includes four key medical grade devices that combine to give you a wide range of data and insight that means you can be highly proactive and use data to maintain better health and wellbeing at all times.

State-of-the-art wearables that continuously measure

With our smart wearable watch, having a constant supply of vital data has never been easier. It comes with exhaustive vital sign monitoring capabilities that take your healthcare data monitoring to the next level.

Transform your smartphone into a smart medical device.

Our top-of-the-range rPPG Technology allows everyone to measure their vital signs with nothing more than a simple glance at their selfie camera, turning your humble smartphone into a robust and innovative piece of medical equipment.

Benefits of our Health Monitoring Devices

Easily accessible
With PCL Tablet, not only can older adults communicate instantaneously with their nurses, carers or relatives, but their entire care circle also has their cared for elderly within close reach at all times, for greater peace of mind for everyone.
Meeting all needs
Whether you need a wellness wearable device or a medical-grade precision device, PCL Health will find one for you. As a device-agnostic software platform, we always seek out the newest technological developments.
Cost effective
PCL Health was designed to be affordable for everyone. At a marginal increase of monthly care costs, PCL’s platform comes with enormous benefits to all, without the typical expense of less cost-effective platforms and systems that are often used. 
Hardware agnostic
As hardware in healthcare is improving rapidly, our hardware-agnostic platform leverages from the best devices on the market, and our integrations are driven by industry leaders best placed to develop the market in the best possible way.
Medical Grade Devices
Blood Pressure Cuff
Our medical grade Blood Pressure Cuffs are bluetooth enabled. We are committed to easing the process of vital signs monitoring, therefore integrated devices that allow frictionless recording of measurements. No more manual inputs or paperwork is required for sending a BP reading to the doctor. Measurements are synced automatically from the device into our platform and shared with authorised parties.
Glucometer for Blood Sugar
We recently introduced a new device into our platform for patients with Diabetes to monitor the sugar level in their blood. Our blood Glucometer is also bluetooth enabled allowing smooth exchange of the readings with our platform making them instantly accessble to carers, doctors or family members.
Temperature Sensor
In a majority of cases it is important to continuously track high accuracy body temperature measurements. Even though our wellness watch measures an indicative body temperature, for continuous accuracy, we have integrated Celsium’s continuous temperature monitoring Medical Grade sensor. The sensor comes with adhesive patches that help fix temperature monitor to patient’s body allowing for uninterrupted temperature measurement flow.
At times when monitoring weight is of crucial essence, PCL connect’s medical grade Scale can help pick up slightest change in weight. Readings captured from our Scale device are automatically synced with PCL’s platform and made accessible to authorised parties be it carer, doctor or a family member.
Additional Monitoring Device Technology
PCL Wellness Watch Device
PCL’s state of the art wellness watch device comes with exhaustive vital sign monitoring capabilities. Our watch can continuously measure Heart Rate, Steps, Sleep and with only one tap on the screen can take readings for SpO2, HRV and Stress level. On a mission to enable independent living, our wearable technology allows frictionless monitoring of the healthcare data making it possible to keep all connected parties informed about the patient’s physical parameters.
Syncronisation with Apple Watch
Even though our watch comes at a fraction of the cost of existing smart watches on the market, if you already own one, we can capture data from there too. PCL’s platform can now collect vital measurements that Apple Watch takes and allows sharing them to clinicians or carers through our secure systems
Selfie Vitals (rPPG Technology)
Remote photoplethysmography is the full name of our top of the shelf technology that allows measuring vital signs with just a glance at your selfie camera. Any new mobile device equipped with a selfie camera can become a robust medical equipment with our Selfie Vitals technology.

It is medical grade, and the accuracy has been clinically validated through several NHS studies. Selfie vitals allows capturing medical level accurate blood pressure, heart rate and respiration rate.

This is the first platform I’ve seen that captures such a diverse range of vital measurements. Pushing those readings to the GP records too, is truly unique.
Dr. Fraser

Features of our Monitoring Devices
Remote access to health trends

Our state-of-the-art health monitoring devices give you the power to remotely monitor the health of your clients, seamlessly connecting clinicians with elderly patients in order to monitor their health trends and take action whenever required.

Continuous measurements

Our range of remote health monitoring devices includes products that enable continuous and uninterrupted measurements of health data, giving older adults and carers months worth of data when they need it in order to aid intellingent decisions making as to the best care that should be administered.

Health alerts

Our health monitoring devices track all the required data in order to enable fully customisable alerts in relation to the health vitals of a patient, for example if the patient’s temperature becomes higher that 36.9 degrees, their care circle receives an instant alert regarding the issue.

Medical grade devices
All our medical grade devices have been specifically selected for their overall quality, reliability and connectivity – giving you a reliable and trustworthy solution for your care that is fully approved and meets all recognised standards within the industry.  
NEWS score tracking
Our platform allows you to calculate NEWS (National Early Warning Score) scores for each patient and present a visual graph for clinicians to enable them to pick up trends of deterioration earlier on.
Our platform is interoperable with established healthcare systems and clinicians will have access to patients’ historical data through their existing Clinical Records Systems without a need to sign in to lots of other platforms.
Accreditations for this product
We put privacy and security at the heart of our platform. Our ecosystem is built around GDPR and Data Protection Act 2018 requirements. Everything is stored on our secured cloud servers located in the UK and no unauthorised party can access it from outside.
As an extra step towards data privacy, we successfully passed the requirements of Cyber Essentials and our platfom is now verified to treat used data in a responsible manner. We have committed to renew the license every year to keep our platform updated to latest data privacy requirements.
We protect and secure Protected Health Information (PHI) as prescribed by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. In other words we keep people’s healthcare data private. Any time a health data is shared with a clinician, doctor or family member, we make sure that there is a user consent and right authorisation in place.

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