Local Authorities

PCL will lead your organisation to improve the health of the authorities’ beneficiaries, maintain easy access to health care for staff, and focus on providing premium care at a low cost. This can be done through PCL Health’s connected care platform.

About our service for Local Authorities

PCL Health’s innovative technology is working to scale existing projects around the world that uses technology, devices or apps to support older adults and their loved ones in monitoring and managing their health or long term conditions.

This will allow local authorities to deliver better and more personalised assistant to people in their own homes. PCL wishes to involve multiple local authorities, organisations, and people in order to develop new services and solutions in their area.

Our goal is to assist local authorities in improving the quality of care, redesigning care delivery for their beneficiaries, and better meeting the health needs of their local communities.

How do we support Local Authorities?

Our unique and fully customisable platform has everything needed to give you the highest levels of support and confidence.

See all your essential care data in one place

With our comprehensive and highly user-friendly Clinician Dashboard, you have all key data and analytics all in one place and ready to analyse whenever you need it, all at the touch of a button.

Connect all your essential care services together seamlessly

Use our mobile app to log in and see health data of senior citizens in one place, then seamlessly create and share images and messages and make calls all from the same platform. You can even view health trends using our total connectivity functionality.

Stay in touch more effectively right when you're needed the most

Our innovative and advanced tablet device means you can be there for older adults whenever they need a helping hand, by connecting directly to them. It has an engagement element (chat, call, image-sharing) whilst in the background it constantly collects vital measurements to keep everyone fully informed.

Make sure you have everything covered with our Health Devices Kit

Our full range of products and services for better care includes a wide range of devices such as a wearable watch, blood pressure cuff, glucometer, scale, and a temperature patch.

Benefits of our Local Authority services

Better allocation of resources

With our platform Local Authorities can effectively manage discharged patient handover and better organise in home care. By allowing remote health monitoring capabilities, carer visits can be reduced thus allowing better allocation of human resources.

Effective covid management

Through our SpO2 and temperature measurements which help covid case management, you can ensure that you have all your care services fully adjusted and enhanced in order to continue to meet post-Covid needs.

Digitise your health records

Say goodbye to unwanted paperwork and reduce human error by fully digitising all your care-related records, information and data. Have all your patient essentials conveniently and securely stored in one place.

Decreased sense of loneliness

Give all your stakeholders the tools and technology they need to minimise isolation and loneliness within patients. Our tablets and connected care allows relatives to be within close reach of the older adults whenever needed.

We are on a highly focused mission to bring the very highest levels of innovation and technological advancements to the care sector. It’s one of the main reasons that our company exists.

Deepti Atrish

Founder & CEO, PCL Health

Features for Local Authorities

Remote access to health trends

Our range of products and services related to elderly care gives you the ability to fully remotely monitor the health of the older adults, through seamless connectivity between all care-related parties including relatives, carers and clinicians.

Health alerts

Within our app, a diverse range of fully customisable alerts are available for all manner of health vitals. For example, if the patients temperature is higher that 36.9 degrees, their care circle receives an alert notifying them of a possible issue.

My Circle feature

Add and bring together each person within the circle of care for a particular patient, with each party having access to the patient’s vital measurements, metrics and other key data and information – all conveniently within one easy to use dashboard.

Medical grade devices

Our medical grade devices provide you with a remote health monitoring capability enabling all authorised parties to have access to the patients vital measurements and other important medical data and information.

Creating reminders

Multiple types of reminders can be created for key tasks and activitives that must be carried out by the patient – everything from medicine intake, exercising and nurtritional prompts, and even reminders for doctor’s appointments and key dates such as birthdays.

Direct voice / video call

Our app has in-built functionality that enables you to directly hold voice and videos calls with 2 or more parties in order to emhance communication and relay vital information quickly and seamlessly between the various parties involved in elderly care.

Key statistics for Local Authorities


of care home workers state that technology has helped to reduce their workload over the past year, freeing up more time to bond with their residents.


of care homes felt the lack of social contact has caused a deterioration in the wellbeing of those with dementia.


of care home residents suffer from some form of Dementia. PCL's technology comes in specifically useful in managing such residents.

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