Carer / Family App

We pride ourselves in being at the frontier of connectivity. Our Carer App brings your care even closer. With robust communication and accessibility features giving you a rapid snapshot of the health trends, you are just one blink away from those you care for.

About our Carer App

Our mobile apps are best in class when it comes to user experience and friendly design. PCL Carer app was created with a mission to revoluitonise how people interact with the health and well-being of their beloved. With just one glance at the screen you can see historical health trends and pick up deteriorations before they get severe. You can set up reminders, receive health alerts and communicate with those you care for all within the same one app. Apart from being able to monitor others’ health trends, we also enabled carers or worried family members to check and track their own vitals as well. By only switching the min view of the App to your own health trends, you have the ability to see daily health measurements be it through our medical devices, innovative Selfie Vitals or other devices which you prefer to use and feed vitals manually.

How does our Carer App help with your care?

Our unique and fully customisable platform has everything needed to give you the highest levels of support and confidence.

Hold your finger on the pulse

In the current fast-changing environment, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic, it is essential that you keep all your dependants within close reach. We strive to improve that experience. Through our Carer App you can see everyone you care for in one screen and keep track of the changes in their vital measurements.

Create recurring reminders

Our mobile apps have an easy-to-use reminder set up functionality. You can manage medicine adherance without leaving the app. All you need is to set up one-off or recurring reminders and the platform will send a notification to the recipient when the time is due. You can also keep track of which ones were completed or skipped.

Ultimate connectivity with one-tap calling

Our Apps help you bring down distance barriers and deliver peace of mind by always being within close reach. PCL’s one-tap calling feature allows you to initiate instant calls with your elderly when needed. Let them feel that someone is always within reach however far you might be.

Benefits of our Mobile Apps


With PCL’s mobile apps, not only can older adults communicate instantaneously with their nurses, carers or relatives, but their entire care circle also has their cared-for-elderly within close reach, giving greater peace of mind for everyone involved with their care.

Holistic view

Through our user-friendly health graphs and charts, carers or worried relatives can holistically view the historical health data of the seniors enabling them to pick up deteriorations early on or intervene when most required.

Data-driven care

PCL Carer App gives access to months worth of data digitally stored and available on our platform. Access to such health data brings care to the next level through data-driven approach.

Decreased loneliness

As a result of being able to call, chat or share images with older adults with just one tap on the screen, it brings them a peace of mind that someone is always near and decreses the feeling of loneliness.

How convenient it is to see everyone in one screen. However far apart you could be, health and connectivity is just one glance at a screen away from your beloved. This is true caring looks like.

Features of our Mobile Apps

Visualising trends in vitals

PCL App not only stores the captured vital measurements, but also allows easy visualisation through interactive graphs. Caring parties (carers, clinicians or relatives) can also view these graphs depicting trends in overal health making it easy to pick up trends of deterioration before they get severe.

Setting up reminders

With our easy-to-use reminders feature oyu can create one-off or recurring reminders and keep track of their completion. The app will send notifications when the time is due and request a response by marking it “Done” or “Skip”. This enable you to engage timely if the instructions are not followed.

Access to health alerts

Become proactive in managing the health. Don’t sit and wait for health problems to surface when it’s already too late to intervene. Keep track of alerts that the Clinician has set up and act on them. You will receive alert notifications on your carer App every time a vital sign reading is off the set boundaries.

Direct voice / video call

Our app has built-in functionality that enables you to directly hold voice and videos calls with 2 or more parties, in order to enhance communication and relay vital information quickly and seamlessly between the various parties involved in elderly care.

Convenient messaging

We allow users to keep all communication channels within single App. To help in that direction we added a chat functionality that allows you to check in, asq questions or share thoughts without using other mobile apps. You can chat with the older adults as well as with their entire circle of care.

Check your own vitals too

If you think PCL’s vital sign monitoring tools are too good to be only used by elderly population you are not alone. After multiple conversations with our prospective clients, we decided to enable carers, friends or family members who are caring for older adults to track their own health trends within the same app as well.

Accreditations for this product

We put privacy and security at the heart of our platform. Our ecosystem is built around GDPR and Data Protection Act 2018 requirements. Everything is stored on our secured cloud servers located in the UK and no unauthorised party can access it from outside.

We protect and secure Protected Health Information (PHI) as prescribed by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. In other words we keep people’s healthcare data private. Any time a health data is shared with a clinician, doctor or family member, we make sure that there is a user consent and right authorisation in place.

As an extra step towards data privacy, we successfully passed the requirements of Cyber Essentials and our platfom is now verified to treat used data in a responsible manner. We have committed to renew the license every year to keep our platform updated to latest data privacy requirements.

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