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PCL Connect

Care providers who use PCL Connect can schedule telemedicine appointments conveniently, which improves the efficiency of caregiving overall. Connect app allows medical practitioners to monitor multiple health data conditions. It will help to assist patients with better healthcare services and ongoing care.

Monitoring Devices

With our highly configurable devices that can be personalised to meet your specific needs our remote monitoring solutions can be configured to align with your care pathway. Monitoring with PCL Health devices is convenient and allows providers to deliver better, more cost-effective care remotely.

Client App

PCL‘s client app enables patients and their loved ones to monitor their vital signs and control their health in real-time. Using the client app, care providers can deliver a new model of quality care through their smart devices which intern is designed for simple ease of use with many compelling advantages.

Carer App

The PCL Carer app is a technology-based, patient-centric connected care solution where families, friends, and caregivers can stay connected by staying in the know 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Using the app, organisations can access on-demand digital care pathways that are vital to your health needs.

Clinician Dashboard

Our Clinician Dashboard connected everyone in one place leaving no room for error when it comes to health, stay alert and stay prompt with our clinician dashboard. The PCL clinical dashboard allows hospitals to monitor patient progress.

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PCL Health uses the latest technology to provide the best healthcare monitoring system for taking care of your loved ones from a distance. We give you peace of mind while providing doctors with all the information they need to give your family the best possible care.

Who we work with?

Domiciliary Care

Improving Personalised Care Typography
By offering cutting-edge technology, PCL Health encourages domiciliary care providers to provide quality care. We are here to provide accurate and impressive quality devices to improve the safety, quality of care, and staff productivity of domiciliary care.

Care Homes

Easily accessible care at home

PCL Health’s services bridge the gap between secondary care and residential care homes. Connecting staff at care homes with a dedicated clinical team makes data more valuable and authentic. In this way, care homes can accomplish a lot more with less effort.

Local Authorities

Improving the quality of local health

PCL Health is helping to close gaps between local authorities and consumers. We are here to provide easy solutions to considerable challenges. Local authorities overcome barriers at a low cost with PCL’s remote patient monitoring and other range of tools and services.


Cost Effective Solutions worldwide

With PCL Health, hospitals improved patient outcomes and reduced staffing and costs. Without increasing costs, providers can expand their senior citizens base and treatments. Making informed decisions faster is possible, thanks to real-time access to valuable data.

Key statistics related to PCL Health care


of care home workers state that technology has helped to reduce their workload over the past year, freeing up more time to bond with their residents.


of care homes felt the lack of social contact has caused a deterioration in the wellbeing of those with dementia.


of care home residents suffer from some form of Dementia. PCL's technology comes in specifically useful in managing such residents.

We are on a highly focused mission to bring the very highest levels of innovation and technological advancements to the domicilliary care sector. It’s one of the main reasons that our company exists.

Deepti Atrish

Founder & CEO, PCL Health

Reasons to work with us

Connected Care

With our apps, users can share photos, make video calls, and remember birthdays and anniversaries for a better care experience. 

Auto Reminders

Our AI-powered auto-reminders ensure crucial tasks and activities are carried out when and where required – no matter what.

24/7 Support System

Receive support from our customer care team 24/7 to plan, implement, and maximize the benefits of our entire ecosystem.

ML-based Predictions

Our ML-based predictive algorithms allow medical professionals to work more efficiently by allowing a more personalised approach to patient care.

Safe & Secure Data

All our data is securely stored in a Microsoft cloud and complies with HIPAA and GDPR regulations, for ultimate peace of mind.

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