Provide hospital-level care at home with realtime and passive monitoring designed for high-acuity patients.

→   Collect real-world patient data remotely via technology.

→   Connect patients and clinical teams

→   Enable greater access to care from any location

—  HOW

Using patient apps, web-based dashboard and integrated monitoring devices.

Through our app, deliver a virtual care plan to your patients that is co-created with them and tailored for their needs. The app captures vital health data in real time and delivers relevant information to patients, empowering them to track and manage their health.

Patient App

The bridge between patients and care teams

Self care by patients

Get smart reminders of all the tasks needed to be accomplished in a day to manage your health.

Device Integration

With the use of integrated health devices, capture and track necessary health vitals.

Health assessments

Patients can easily report and changes in their health or developing symptoms through standard or personalised health assessment questionnaires.

Clinician Dashboard

Provide the right care to the right patients at the right time

Detect deteriorations early

Monitor and analyse health parameters of patients using our web app.

Never miss important health tasks

Set interactive reminders for patients to log health vitals, answer health assessment questions and much more.

Know when your patients need you

Get notified if the health parameters of your patients go beyond a healthy range. These ranges can be customised for every patient.

—   WHY CHOOSE US?   —

We are the best!

Suitable for a range of conditions that can be safely monitored from home – Respiratory diseases, Frailty, Heart conditions


  • Can get to go home early, feel safe and recover quicker in their own homes
  • Receive personalised health monitoring
  • Sense of security of being monitored by clinical teams
  • Can get to go home early, feel safe and recover quicker in their own homes


  • Physical bed occupancy can be reduced along with associated costs
  • Flexibility of working- can check on patients from anywhere to see what’s going on and what needs to be done.
  • Improves accessibility to better health care -Allows more patients to be looked after by specialty clinicians
  • Rewarding to support patients remotely so that they can go home sooner and safely


Features you’ll love

Our suite of technology can monitor a wide range of diseases and be configured to meet the needs of your patient population.


Reducing the number of bed days in the hospital


Early hospital supported discharge for stable patients


Safely reducing hospital admissions


Empowers patients to manage own health

Disease Agnostic

Suitable for a range of conditions that can be safely monitored from home.

Heart Conditions

Track and monitor important health vitals such as blood pressure, ECG, heart rate and soft signs to detect early signs of deterioration.

Respiratory Diseases

Empower patients to self-manage Asthma, COPD and other conditions. Patients can share their oxygen saturation level and respiration rate for clinicians to monitor remotely.


Remotely monitor key health vitals and standardised health scores to safely reduce GP visits. Make sure clinical intervention is made at the right time.

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