PCL empowers hospitals to keep senior citizens at home, which saves resources and beds. In addition to reducing costs, this can improve the efficiency of healthcare facilities by making sure those emergencies are addressed when they occur.

About our service for Hospitals

Using PCL’s Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) solution, hospitals can keep their patients healthy and take action early on if something goes wrong. Avoid extra hospitalisations by monitoring their health from their own house and decrease unnecessary re-admissions.

Easily accessible vital sign data will enable hospitals to make knowledgeable decisions regarding their patients care promptly and more efficiently.

As a quality provider of easy medication management solutions, hospitals and health systems can better serve patients by providing emergency response and earlier clinical interventions.

Using PCL’s RPM solution, professionals can review vital health information in real-time, meet the needs of high-risk patients, and prevent hospitalisations saving time and money.

How do we support your Hospitals needs?

Our unique and fully customisable platform has everything needed to give you the highest levels of support and confidence.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Our platform gives you the technology and capabilities to enable remote monitoring of your out-patients. This is extremely helpful for early-discharged patients and helps you to provide a more efficient service to your patients.

Customisable Alerts

Use our platform to send fully customisable alerts related to health vitals, for example alert patients and carers when a patients temperature becomes higher than 36.9 degrees. Our technology alerts you to any issues in real-time.

Medical Devices Kit

We have a full range of medical grade devices such as a Glucometer, Blood Pressure Monitor, Temperature Sensor and Weighing Scales, that help you to keep track of your patients vitals and response to any changes immediately.

Vitals information Summary

Our platform can export summaries of patient’s historical vital information with easy-to- visualise graphs and charts, allowing clinicians to see how patients’ health has progressed over a period of time, rather than how it looks now.

Benefits of our Hospital services

Discharge patients earlier

Our systems and services empower you to free up pressure on your hospital beds while taking better control of your patients’ health, all remotely. This can result in more successful earlier discharging of many of your patients.

Effective covid management

Through our SpO2 and temperature measurements which help covid case management, you can ensure that you have all your care services fully adjusted and enhanced in order to continue to meet post-Covid needs.

NEWS Score Tracking

Our platform allows you to use the NEWS (National Early Warning Score) system to effectively track how urgently your patients require medical attention. Use our in-built functionality to calculate NEWS scores for each patient and produce a visual graph for clinicians to pick up trends of deterioration early on.

Highly interoperable

Our platform is interoperable with established healthcare systems and clinicians will have access to patients’ historical data through their existing Clinical Records Systems, without the need to sign into yet another platform.

Arriving at the point of care with months’ worth of data can significantly help in diagnosis and decision making. Our mission is to empower clinicians with robust healthcare data that patients can collect and share through our platform.

Deepti Atrish

Founder & CEO, PCL Health

Features for Hospitals

Remote access to health trends

Our range of products and services related to domicilliary care gives you the ability to fully remotely monitor the health of your patients, through seamless connectivity between all care-related parties including clients, relatives, carers and clinicians.

Health alerts

Within our app, a diverse range of fully customisable alerts are available for all manner of health vitals. For example, if the patients temperature is higher than 36.9 degrees, their care circle receives an alert notifying them of a possible issue.

Medical grade devices

Our medical grade devices provide you with a remote health monitoring capability enabling all authorised parties to have access to the patients vital measurements and other important medical data and information.

Call and chat with patients

Our built-in call and chat features provide all parties with a quick, easy and convenient way to communicate in real-time about any pressing issues that need to be discussed regarding the patients care.

Creating reminders

Multiple types of reminders can be created for key tasks and activitives that must be carried out by the patient – everything from medicine intake, exercising and nurtritional prompts, and even reminders for doctor’s appointments and key dates such as birthdays.

Remotely request vitals measurement

Through our system clinicians from our dashboard can trigger a request to be sent to patients’ devices, asking them to take vital measurements on demand.

Are you a Hospital care provider?

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