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PCL Connect

Tablet especially designed for the elderly.

PCL connect offers a wide range of services for the eldery alongside continuous personalised health monitoring. This allows doctors to concentrate more on the patients care needs one to one. Create prompt alert notifications and reports and have doctors at your assistance when needed.

Doctors will receive notifications regarding their patients’ risk reports and take action based on their alert priority.

With our data we can ensure the appropriate action is taken at the right time for each patient, therefore avoiding critical health conditions when it matters by providing a better way of working.

Get it all! Plus personalised alerts, reminders with in house communication: photos, chat, video calls, phone calls, health alerts, vitals sharing and much more with PCL Connect.

Monitoring Devices

Medical devices set to change the health game

In order to provide top-quality health care, PCL Health offers its elderly patients and caretakers the latest and seamlessly convenient technology medical devices set to change the health game.

Our service devices include:

  • Our Client Mobile App
  • A Carer Mobile App (Exclusive features include monitoring patients in one area, creating reminders such as Medicine, Water, Appointment, Birthdays etc.)
  • High class wearable watch device
  • PCL Connect Tablet App for the Elderly
  • Online Clinician Dashboard

Choosing PCL Health to monitor your medical condition and related overall health conditions can be customised to fit your needs through many ways from our digital sensor watch that seamlessly collects and tracks your vitals to our connected car app portal.

As a result of our devices, we are revolutionising the delivery of healthcare through easy and accessible technology across the nation.

Our platform enables professionals to track and monitor patients’ vital signs using (FDA)-approved medical devices.

Doctors can get notifications if their results are not updated and can communicate with their patients with regular needed updates. Our devices can also detect unknown health conditions with our data collection which can help caretakers catch problems before they become serious ones.

Monitoring healthcare through our sophisticated and efficient devices can improve the quality of life and even save lives like never before.

Client App

Maintain family connections and provide peace of mind with administered regular health monitoring

PCL Client App plays an integral role in maintaining family connections and provides peace of mind with administered regular health monitoring.

Through the app, clients can also receive medication updates, notes and details of visits providing transparency and trust between caregivers and clients. Patient’s and their loved ones can view appointments, add notes to tasks, and upload test results directly from the Client app on their mobile device thus staying connected.

This our client app care providers can deliver a new model of quality care through their smart devices which intern is designed for simple use with many compelling advantages for their services.

Carer App

Stay connected to family, friends and caregivers worldwide

With the Family / Carer app, patients can stay connected to family, friends, and caregivers worldwide for better healthcare and atmosphere. The app allows users to video call one another, share photos, and remind each other about important dates such as anniversaries and birthdays. Family members can also monitor their loved one’s health and stay connected all year round.

PCL Carer app allows healthcare providers to schedule appointments, daily routine checkups, vital data collection, empowering them to deliver care more efficiently. This app, which has real-time reporting features, allows elderly users and their families to take and track daily vital statistics such as blood pressure, weight, temperature, and saturation level.

We automate the sending of health alerts to care teams so issues can be resolved quickly and promptly saving time and energy for what’s most important.

Clinician Dashboard

Monitor patient progress and ensure that they follow required processes

PCL’s clinical dashboard allows hospitals and care providers to track a patient’s progress and determine at a glance if the patient has read and answered the app’s educational and survey questions.

On the dashboard, the data collected during the patient’s journey is displayed, and patients can interact with it.

Our objective is to make your patients and care workers experience exceptional with the PCL Health dashboard, and we have heavily invested in a platform that makes it easy for everyone to use.

The PCL clinical dashboard allows hospitals to monitor patient progress, ensuring that patients read the educational materials and answer the in-app questionnaires. In the dashboard, a patient can interact with data collected during their pathway. By analysing daily patient vitals and pulling data from your EMR and patient portal.

PCL dashboards provide the logical core to remote patient monitoring solutions to bring the most essential and urgent cases straight to your attention.

Patients, clients and senior residents data is collected and displayed through our connected apps which is then monitored accordingly to each patient thus providing the best simulations for preventative care.

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Monitoring Devices

Our high end devices are personalised to meet your specific needs with clear large navigation buttons and easily accessible tools. Monitoring with PCL Health is convenient and allows elderly people and providers to deliver better, more cost-effective care remotely.

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