Manage Vitality with state-of-art tech.
Health monitoring services make it easier to manage vitality for healthcare providers.
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How does it work?
Vitality covers nutrition, fitness, weight loss, exercise, sound sleep, fall prevention, alcohol abstinence, smoking cessation, etc for ensuring a good quality of life.

Vitality is one of the five domains of intrinsic capacity (composite of physical and mental health) for healthy ageing, as defined by WHO. The PCL Health monitoring service helps patients in changing their lifestyles for better health.

Whether it is mental exhaustion or physical fatigue that the patients need to manage, the system monitors the vital signs and symptoms of various complications of ageing. The patients are kept in touch with their clinicians and care providers for detecting health risks early and better management of their quality of life.

For Patients
  • Record and share all the relevant health vitals from the comfort of their homes with a high sense of safety and calm while safely reducing physical visits.
  • Log soft signs and answer assessment questionnaires and share them with your clinical team seamlessly.
  • Get relevant support and information from clinicians via the mobile app.
For Clinicians
  • Monitor the vital signs and overall health-related quality of life.
  • A majority of aged patients aiming for vitality can be cared for remotely without frequent in-person consultations.
  • By sparing the need for physical visits, the patients can be saved from exposure to various infections, especially in a pandemic-like situation.
burden relief for healthcare providers
The nurses and other healthcare staff can be relieved of the burden by providing remote vitality monitoring for the elderly population.
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