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How does it work?
​​Pregnancy is a beautiful experience for women, but it can also be challenging. Pregnancy care may include antenatal care and postpartum care. For pregnant women, the challenges can be emotional, physical and physiological.

One of the main challenges is the management of hypertension as one in every 10 pregnant women may face gestational hypertensive disorders. To address any potential risks, the mother undergoes several routine tests, monitoring, and lifestyle adaptations.

This is where the PCL Health monitoring service facilitates healthcare providers and patients with its seamless remote health monitoring solution. It enables mothers to monitor their blood pressure, weight gain, symptoms, signs of risk, and complications. It is also possible to have regular consultations with healthcare providers remotely.

For Patients
  • Real-time regular monitoring of important health vitals – blood pressure, weight, pregnancy-related softsigns and complications.
  • Sharing monitoring information with healthcare providers saves pregnant women from unnecessary visits to clinics.
  • Patients have access to educational material, remote consultation, and much more via the app.
For Clinicians
  • Monitor the risks and detect any signs of early deterioration remotely.
  • Use a single integrated system for health assessment questionnaires, health parameters, symptoms and soft signs.
  • Cater to larger cohorts of pregnant women with different stages of pregnancy and various risk profiles.
antenatal visits can be held virtually
In a randomised controlled study with 300 pregnant women, Mayo Clinic researchers found that remote monitoring can help reduce in-person consultations by up to 50%.
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