Manage Pre and Post Operative Care with state-of-art tech.
Health monitoring services make it easier to manage pre and post operative care for healthcare providers.
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How does it work?
Pre and post-operative care for several elective surgeries can be provided at home through remote monitoring. Preoperative care ensures that the patient is prepared and fit for surgery. Likewise, post-operative care is meant for monitoring recovery and complications following surgery.

As per NHS, one in three cancellations on the day set for surgery is because patients are not ready for surgery. Likewise, remote monitoring after discharge is necessary to avoid any post-op complications.

The PCL Health monitoring service facilitates both pre and post-operative care for patients. This service enables patients to meet baseline requirements for a pre-op assessment. Following the surgery, the service allows for monitoring of signs and symptoms of wound infections, fever, pain and sleep. Also, adherence to medication can be followed up via interactive reminders.

For Patients
  • Assists the patients in preparing for the surgery and meeting the requirements for baseline measurements.
  • Enable safe early discharge of patients from the hospital.
  • Help reduce the need for re-admission while facilitating a smoother return to normal life.
For Clinicians
  • Patient education and parts of pre-operative assessments can be performed remotely, sparing the need for in-person visits.
  • Post-operative care and monitoring enable you to reduce the number of unintended calls after a patient has been discharged.
  • Symptoms tracking enables you to intervene at the right time to address any risks or post-op complications.
Reduction in relative risk for readmission and emergency visits
In a randomised controlled study, Canadian researchers showed that postoperative home monitoring can help reduce the relative risk of readmission and emergency visits within 30 days after discharge.
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