Manage Obesity with state-of-art tech.
Health monitoring services make it easier to manage obesity for healthcare providers.
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How does it work?
For most adults, an individual with a BMI of more than thirty is considered obese. Prevention of obesity is important because it can lead to severe health complications, including diabetes, cardiac disorders, mental health issues and stroke.

As per NHS, one in every four UK adults is affected by obesity. Self-monitoring coupled with healthcare support (as offered in PCL Health monitoring service) can help you stick to a weight management plan.

Obesity management includes lifestyle changes, i.e., using a low-calorie healthy diet, avoiding overeating, and exercising regularly. For some people, there may be a need for medication and psychological support as well.

For Patients
  • Our service helps in preventing and managing obesity through various tools, i.e., weight-at-home, BMI calculation, and activity trackers (step counts).
  • The patients can set targets related to eating, physical activity, and lifestyle in general, and follow up on them.
  • Professional support is available through communication with your healthcare. team including nutritionists, physical therapists, and psychologists.
For Clinicians
  • Considering a large population is obese or overweight, self-monitoring by patients helps with the capacity enhancement of healthcare providers.
  • It accommodates a variety of patient needs, i.e., schedule, availability, mobility, preferences, etc.
  • You can ensure adherence of a patient by watching a patient’s diet, physical activity and lifestyle trends through checklists, logs, and notes.
adherence to a behavioural weight loss program with self-monitoring, feedback, and education.
Adherence to a behavioural weight loss program is challenging for some individuals. Self-monitoring along with feedback and video education.
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