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How does it work?
Mental health means the well-being of an individual in terms of psychology, emotions, and social interactions. As per NHS and NICE, every fourth adult in the UK experiences some form of mental illness at least once a year.

Preventing mental illness is important because it is the most significant single factor leading to disability, as identified by the NHS. PCL Health monitoring service helps in remotely monitoring the symptoms of common mental disorders before, during as well as after any form of therapy. Our remote monitoring solution is capable of watching for sleep, motion, heart rate, moods, etc.

It provides the patients with an opportunity to record their feelings, routines, moods, and behaviours through a digital journal.

For Patients
  • The patients will get mental health support and remote counselling if they are experiencing signs of mental illness.
  • Our mental health services also include triage assessment, and talking therapies i.e., cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), interpersonal therapy (IPT), etc.
  • Even if patients do not have diagnosed mental health problems, patients will receive monitoring and support on how to improve mental health.
For Clinicians
  • You have access to tools for monitoring behavioural changes, finding certain behaviours or patterns, and watching the progress of certain therapies.
  • It can even be lifesaving as you can intervene in real-time when a mental health crisis is predicted.
  • Our communication system enables you to deliver triage assessment.
accuracy in mood recognition using heart rate and respiration sensors.
In a study with 15 bipolar disorder patients, the PSYCHE project used a wearable monitoring platform for recording physiological activity. The researchers reported that the mood state of the patients can be predicted with an accuracy of up to 95%.
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