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Health monitoring services make it easier to manage heart failure for healthcare providers.
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How does it work?
In the UK, about a million people, mainly adults, suffer from heart failure. About one-fifth of heart failure patients may need readmission within a month after discharge from a hospital.

There is a potential for a decrease in this fraction with remote monitoring. PCL Health monitoring service connects you with your healthcare provider and carers to watch for heart failure symptoms, treatment management, and early signs of heart failure.

We have designed it to capture the measurements for key vital signs, including blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen saturation (SpO2), capnography (CO2 monitoring) along with body temperature and weight.

For Patients
  • Keep a record of vital health parameters, soft signs and health score, thereby reducing the need for in-person visits.
  • Effectively communicate with clinicians and care providers when you need them and and live with a sense of safety and calm.
  • System generated alerts notify the clinical team when health parameters go out of healthy physiological ranges.
For Clinicians
  • Monitor large cohorts of patients with different stages of heart failure, reducing the number of admissions to hospitals.
  • If the health parameters fall out of healthy physiological ranges, clinicians can contact the patients or carers and take necessary action, including a triage team investigation.
  • Collect soft signs and monitor patients using health scores to get a holistic view of patients’ health.
reduction in mortality for advanced heart failure patients.
In a randomised control study, namely WHARF trial, involving 286 heart failure patients, it was reported that the rate of mortality for advanced heart failure patients can be significantly reduced by remote monitoring of symptoms and weight.
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