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Health monitoring services make it easier to manage Frailty for healthcare providers.
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How does it work?
Frailty includes a decline in both the physical and psychological ability of an individual for fast recovery from different health issues. One in every 10 individuals aged 65 years or above is subject to frailty syndrome, as per Age UK.

NHS data shows that more than one-third of individuals over 65 undergo falls, leading to dependency, disability and even mortality. Even a small change in medication, or a minor infection, can be tragic for frail individuals.

PCL Health monitoring service helps individuals with frailty remote monitoring, the patients are provided with diet recommendations, physical activity reminders, and changes to medications, when needed. We believe that an individual with frailty can enjoy a full life without any health problems if it is well-managed and taken care of.

For Patients
  • Remote tracking and logging of health parameters via easy to use apps and devices.
  • Self-manage health with access to remote consultation and support.
  • Reduced risk of hospital acquired infections, transportation falls, long waits, and other inconveniences of hospital visits.
For Clinicians
  • Monitor health parameters, physical activity, and soft signs for efficient frailty assessments and management.
  • Regularly monitor the clinical frailty scale and other frailty indices (i.e., electronic Frailty Index, rockwood frailty score).
  • Manage risk of falls and medication reactions by tracking health and intervening at the right time, thereby reducing hospital admissions.
cost savings due to reduced healthcare use by passive remote patient monitoring
Based on a year-long collection of claims data, researchers showed that passive remote patient monitoring for elderly frail patients can save costs related to inpatient services, skilled nursing facilities, emergency department visits, and long-term and ambulance care.
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