Manage Diabetes Mellitus with state-of-art tech.
Health monitoring services make it easier to manage Diabetes Mellitus for healthcare providers.
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How does it work?
Diabetes mellitus is a life-threatening disease in which the blood glucose level can abnormally rise. Here, the blood glucose level needs to be regulated to avoid complications of diabetes mellitus.

A lot of research studies support the use of remote monitoring for diabetic patients for improved diabetes care. Resultantly, we see that many health providers are incorporating remote monitoring into their diabetes care programs.

The PCL Health monitoring service helps make the management of diabetes mellitus easier. It enables the patients and clinicians to follow up on diabetes mellitus treatment, whether through glucose-regulating medications or insulin.

For Patients
  • Log diabetes mellitus symptoms and blood glucose level, weight and other vital parameters.
  • Communicate with healthcare providers for modifying required insulin intake based on the record of glucose levels.
  • Regular remote interactions with clinicians to provide right guidance at the right time.
For Clinicians
  • Regular monitoring of blood glucose levels ensures effective management of diabetes mellitus.
  • Reduced in-person appointments resulting in increased efficiency of healthcare providers.
  • Targets and thresholds for glucose levels, blood pressure, and other vital signs for increased patient engagement and early detection of abnormalities.
patients achieved A1c control
The researchers compared the results of A1c control in diabetic patients before and during the Covid pandemic with telehealth advancements. The telehealth cohort of patients (during the pandemic) benefitted from telehealth advancements. About 54% of them achieved the target of less than 8% A1c. Whereas 41.7% of the non-telehealth patient cohort (before the pandemic) met that target.
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