Manage COPD with state-of-art tech.
Health monitoring services make it easier to manage COPD for healthcare providers.
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How does it work?
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a life-threatening condition that affects airflow from the lungs. It is presented with breathing issues, coughing, wheezing and extreme fatigue. Smoking and pollution are the main causes of COPD. 
It is the third leading reason of mortality worldwide, after heart diseases and stroke, as per WHO data. Management of COPD becomes easier with the help of the PCL Health remote monitoring service. 
Healthcare providers can monitor health vitals remotely (i.e., oxygen saturation or SpO2, heart rate, body temperature, blood pressure, etc.), be notified when the vitals go out range, collect soft signs and monitor patient health via standardised health scores.
For Patients
  • Record and share all the relevant health vitals from the comfort of their homes with a high sense of safety and calm while safely reducing physical visits.
  • Log your COPD symptoms and signs and answer assessment questionnaires and share them with your clinical team seamlessly.
  • Communicate with clinicians when you need them with ease.
For Clinicians
  • Devise a COPD management and follow up program by monitoring health vitals, symptoms and soft signs and health scores.
  • For each vital sign, patient-specific threshold levels can be designed, enabling healthcare providers to intervene at the right time.
  • For a large population of patients with different disease burdens, medical management of COPD becomes easier with remote monitoring.
acute exacerbations of COPD can be detected earlier.
In a 6-month-long study, researchers from Spain have found that remote monitoring with the use of respiratory sensors can help patients through early detection of acute exacerbations of COPD in 75% of cases.
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