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Our mobile app technology offers best in class levels of functionality and user-experience and comes packed with a wide range of features and functions designed to enhance the care that you can provide to the elderly.

About our Mobile Apps

Our mobile apps consist of client access and carer / family access, each giving the relevant parties all necessary tools for connected care. Tech savvy older adults can easily interact with their circle of care using our advanced and innovative suite of apps.

How do our Mobile Apps help with your care?

Our unique and fully customisable platform has everything needed to give you the highest levels of support and confidence.

User-friendly mobile apps that push new ground

As standards for user-friendly mobile apps for healthcare continue to rise, we are firmly focused on challenging ourselves to bring to market the most intuitive and seamless user experience possible through our iOS and Android mobile apps. 

Helping to bridge gaps within the care sector

The Covid-19 pandemic showed the world how far the care sector is lagging behind in terms technology adoption. Our mobile apps help bridge that gap and allow seniors to always be within close reach of their loved ones and the people who care for them.

Ultimate connectivity with one-tap calling

Our one-tap calling feature allows older adults to be within close reach of their care circle at all times. It enables older adults to call their nurse or connected family members at any point with just a single tap of the screen. 

Benefits of our Mobile Apps

Decreased Loneliness

Our technology provides elderly people with the ability to call, chat or share images with their relatives with just one tap of the screen, bringing a peace of mind that someone is always there and decreasing the sense of loneliness that they experience.

More engaged older adults

Through our customised tablet with a range of features such as large buttons and easy-to-navigate screen layouts, we empower seniors to better engage with technology to enhance their care and lifestyles, in a seamless and non-disruptive manner.

Reduced gap with tech

Better engaging older adults with technology enables us to collect more comprehensive vital measurements and data via their daily interaction with our tablet, wearables and other  medical devices, which can then be used for professional health analytics.

Enhanced accessibility

With PCL Tablet, not only can older adults communicate instantaneously with their nurses, carers or relatives, but their entire care circle also has their cared-for-elderly within close reach, giving greater peace of mind for everyone involved with their care.

It’s amazing to see that with only one look at a regular selfie camera you can measure BP, pulse and respiration rate. What’s more, these vitals are instantaneously reflected on the carer app. The technology behind this is truly incredible!

Features of our Mobile Apps

Collecting and sharing vitals

Our mobile app is connected to wearable and medical devices, providing vital measurements that get automatically synced and shared with authorised carers, clinicians and relatives without any manual input. 

Visualising trends in vitals

PCL App not only stores the captured vital measurements, but also allows easy visualisation through interactive graphs. Caring parties (carers, clinicians or relatives) can also view these graphs depicting trends in overall health, making it easy to pick up trends of deterioration before they get severe.

Creating my circle

Add and bring together each caregiver within the circle of care for a particular person, with each party having access to the vital measurements, metrics and other key data and information – all conveniently within one easy to use dashboard.

Direct voice / video call

Our app has built-in functionality that enables you to directly hold voice and videos calls with 2 or more parties, in order to enhance communication and relay vital information quickly and seamlessly between the various parties involved in elderly care.

Reminder pop-ups

Through the PCL platform doctors, carers and family members can set up one-off or repeated reminders for older adults. Our app displays pop-up reminders on the screen when the time is due, and indicates the response of the elderly regarding whether the task was completed or missed.

Selfie vitals

PCL’s mobile app is equipped with selfie vitals technology, turning regular smartphones into a robust piece of medical equipment. You can measure blood pressure, heart rate and respiration with medical accuracy, using nothing more than a selfie camera.

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