PCL Health’s tech-driven approach aims to bring smarter care that enhances lives. With integrated CE Marked devices designed to pair with a health algorithm and our proprietary Apps, we aim to supercharge users to monitor the health of their loved ones. Discover how our remote health monitoring devices, online dashboard and predictive algorithms could help you care better. Our mission is to create technology that saves time, money and lives.

We are excited to announce a SPECIAL OFFER in appreciation of our investors. We will be shipping out a complimentary PCL Health wearable for all investors who already have or plan to invest £250 or more on CrowdCube.

Having our watch will allow you to start monitoring your own health and see any trends in your vital measurements over time. In other words, you will see PCL Health in action. All you need to do is provide your address at invest@poonyah.co.uk and we will ship the wearable to your door once the CrowdCube campaign is over.

We look forward to bringing you, our community, the first chance to try out PCL Health’s latest wearable technology for yourselves – and have the future of healthcare at your fingertips.