Clinician Dashboard

Our objective is to make your patients and care workers experience exceptional with the PCL Health dashboard, and we have heavily invested in a platform that makes it easy for everyone to use.


About our Clinician Dashboard

PCL’s clinical dashboard allows hospitals and care providers to track a patient’s progress and determine at a glance if the patient has taken vital measurements and completed the set-up reminders.

On the dashboard, the data collected during the patient’s journey is displayed, and clinicians can interact with it.

Our objective is to make clinicians and care workers experience exceptional with the PCL Health dashboard, and we have heavily invested in a platform that makes it easy for everyone to use.

PCL dashboards provide the logical core to remote patient monitoring solutions to bring the most essential and urgent cases straight to your attention, by analysing daily patient vitals and pulling data from your EMR and patient portal.

Patients, clients and senior residents data is collected and displayed through our connected apps which is then monitored accordingly to each patient thus providing the best simulations for preventative care.

How does our Clinician Dashboard help with your care?

Our unique and fully customisable platform has everything needed to give you the highest levels of support and confidence.

Monitor Patients Remotely

Our medical grade and wellness devices are all integrated within the system to send vital measurements to the authorised parties. Clinicians can remotely access these vitals and develop a prompt understanding of patients’ health in seconds. To aid the process we have added visualisation to vital measurements. Graphs and charts on our Clinician Dashboard allow quick interpretation of medical data to translate into actionable insights

Stay Up-to-date with Alerts

One of the most potent tools for proactive health management is customisable health alerts that help clinicians concentrate attention to those in urgent need. Apart from the NEWS score, which our platform automatically calculates from vital measurements and makes readily available to the clinicians, we allow setting up patient-customisable Alerts to receive a notification when readings are off the chart

Access from Clinical Record System

PCL Health is secure, scalable and most importantly interoperable. We believe in power of connectivity, therefore are integrating with already established NHS systems including EMIS and SystemOne. GPs and Clinicians who are using existing clinical records systems will have the ability to view PCL Health’s summary records within their system to avoid need for multiple platform sign ins.

Benefits of our Clinician Dashboard

Improved view of patient health

Through our Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) solution, clinicians have a better overall view on patients’ health. It is now possible to remotely check vital signs of the patients fully live and in real time, as well as compare these measurements with historical patient data.

More data for enhanced decision-making

Patients are enabled to carry with them months worth of data digitally stored and available to clinicians own medical system. Access to such historical health data strengthens the ground for decision making as well as allows post-treatment monitoring of change in vital measurements.

Fully interoperable with NHS systems and procedures

PCL Health is integrating with EMIS and System One to bridge the gap between independent smart solution and existing Clinical Medical Records systems. Such integration allows clinicians to view patient data collected via PCL platform directly through their own medical records system.

Enhanced alertness to changes in patient vitals

Our Clinician Dashboard is equipped with functionality that creates customised alerts for each patient. These alerts can be set for any vital sign monitored via our devices, and once the alert is triggered, all parties connected to the patient receive a notification to act promptly.

With PCL I can now see patient’s historical data. Instead of today’s snapshot of patient health, using PCL Health’s clinician dashboard one can see a comprehensive development of particular vitals over a period of time. This is something that has been missing from clinical records for a long time.

Features of our Clinician Dashboard

NEWS 2 scoring

Through a combination of vital sign readings, our platform calculates a National Early Warning Score (NEWS 2) allowing clinicians to gauge the level of attention patient requires. Calculating NEWS score for each patient allows prioritisation of instance requiring immediate attention.

Creating customised alerts

Clinicians can set up customised health alerts for each of their patients. As all individuals have their own baseline measurements, all of us require benchmarking agains our own vitals. Thus, PCL’s Clinician Dashboard allows creating alerts on an individual basis to reflect each patient’s medical needs.

Holistic patient information

Apart from displaying patient’s vital signs and historical data, PCL’s platform also allows creating a digital profile of the patients with all necessary healthcare data available to supervising clinicians. This includes patient demographic information, long-term medical conditions, etc.

Data visualisation

Vital readings are displayed on interactive, easy-to-understand graphs and charts allowing clinicians a quick grip of patient health development.

Access to Latest Readings

When patients take vital measurements, they come to the platform with a time stamp thus enabling clinicians to easily pick up latest readings and request new measurements if they are considered outdated.

Request Measurements

Through our dashboard clinicians can request vital measutements to be taken by patients. Patients will receive notification on their mobile or tablet apps and will be prompted to share latest vitals readings with the clinicians.

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